Sally Image Advisor

Cognitive image advisory service that identifies property information from listing images.
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Key Features:

Sally automates the analysis of your listing photos to:

  • Identify types of rooms – kitchen, family room, dining, game room, basement, etc
  • Identify objects in a room – brick fireplace, type of refrigerator, type of counter tops, number of sinks, etc.
  • Extract detailed property information from the photos

How it Works?

Sally is a neural network engine trained on terabytes of real estate imagery and it continuous to learn how to perform deeper analysis. After an initial 3-month training period Sally started classifying images into different room types. After another 6-months of rigorous research, redesign, and retraining, she can now pickup objects in a room to help improve your listing data.


  • Select the best thumbnail and sequence the photos for best IDX experience.
  • Find and Recommend listing details you might have missed.
  • Integrate with Augmented Reality to enable eCommerce platforms.
  • Compare properties room-wise using photos.
  • Generate engaging videos of your home.
  • Make your photos searchable.

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