Data and Insights APIs

One stop shop for all your Data and Insights needs.

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Key Features:

  • A single point of access to all Real Estate Data and Insights
  • Includes listings, assessment, foreclosure, and recorder data modeled into a Longitudinal Property Record ™ (LPR)
  • Access to property images as supplied by MLSs
  • Public data from, Socrata, and FHFA directly consumable via our RESTful APIs
  • Access deep RE insights extracted using algorithms ranging from numerical models to machine learning based data mining.
  • Run your analytical model directly on our platform-as-a-service

How it Works?

PropMix uses its Data Factory ™ practice to gather data from various MLSs, map, validate, and standardize data into a single canonical data model. This model includes our unique concept of Longitudinal Property Records ™ (LPR) where every property’s complete timeline is maintained – listing and/or sale history, tax history, deed/mortgage history, and home improvements (permits).

To achieve a single large data model we have implemented many best practices related to data governance – metadata management, data lineage tracking, unique property IDs, and address standardization to name a few. This data is maintained in a FIPS compliant secure platform and delivered to subscribed clients via API or file access.Image delivery includes resizing of the images to the client’s specific needs.

Our cognitive insights engine combine natural language process (NLP) to process listing remarks or other property narratives, image processing, and interactive dialogs..


  • Eliminate your storage, compute, and labor intensive data infrastructure and leverage our economies of scale.
  • Reduce the time to market for your solutions using our ready-to-use APIs – a single point of integration for all your data needs
  • Leverage a much larger data set to run your analytical models.

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Embeddable Application Widgets

Use pre-built application widgets to directly embed in your web or mobile apps.

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Key Features:

  • Intuitive apps that surface rich RE data and insights
  • Single UX across multiple delivery channels – web and mobile
  • Multiple visualizations of data and insights – graphs, geo-integrated maps, heatmaps, etc.

How it Works?

Our application widgets are built using latest technology platforms such as Node.js and AngularJS to ease the integration into your applications. Widgets can be embedded into your applications using an iframe or you can download our widget code and integrate into your applications. All UI is built using responsive design by our team of engineers who have built some of the most interactive and user friendly UI elements on the Internet.


  • Reduce your time to market for cool features that attract and retain customers
  • Leverage the best UI concepts that have been tried and tested in the market
  • Brand and customize the widgets for your business


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Application Whitelabeling

Partner with us to go to market immediately with your customization and brand.

Key Features:

  • Customize the application based on your business process and policies
  • Brand the applications with your logos, colors, and URL/domain references
  • Let your users use the logins you have provided to access our applications – transparent logins using single sign-on

How it Works?

All our applications are designed with 3 major guiding principles – customizability.

Customizability: All UI screens, workflows, and business rules are customizable based on a client’s requirements.

Multi-tenancy: Each customer’s application instance is designed to run in its own secure sandbox with firewalling between instances.

Single Sign-On: Multiple models of single sign-on are available out of the box to fit any version you prefer – standards based (SAML), delegated authentication, OAuth and OpenID.

These principles together ease the branding and delivery of the applications as your own.


  • Cut your development, maintenance, and support costs – use our applications to extend your product / service suite.
  • Deliver new functionality rapidly using ready to use applications such as iCMALive, iAppraiser, Portfolio Monitoring, and more.
  • Leverage our deep Real Estate IQ (over 60 developers with an average of experience 9 years in Real Estate technology) to rapidly customize the applications to your specific needs.

Check out our applications: iCMALive and iAppraiser.

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