Usage Data Mining

Find the needles in your stack of web usage data

Key Features:

  • Use your search data to discover and extract key insights
  • Analyze your portal users’ online behavior to identify and qualify buyers and sellers.
  • Analyze your portal campaigns to understand efficient pathways to qualified leads.

How it Works?

PropMix’s data mining engine runs on one of the first RE industry specific AI engines. Please see our offering “Model as a Service” for more information on the AI engines. You can provide access to your historic web logs. PropMix AI data mining engines will perform 2 types of data mining: a) identify previously defined behaviors that help identify visitors as buyers or sellers, b) discover new behavior patterns among visitors. Any newly discovered behavior patterns would require input from a human to identify as a buyer, seller, or an investor pattern. The engine can also learn from actual transaction history on the final outcomes of these behaviors.


  • Leverage your data drive more revenue
  • Go to market with new lead generation possibilities

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