Best in-class security, Top notch privacy capabilities

We utilize the highest industry standards, across the platform on all layer. All your API calls pass through strong SSL encryptions. We have support for Basic, Key based, HMAC, JWT (Java Web Token) & OAuth 1, 2 and all other major API security protocols. We have multiple DDoS prevention. On the API level we support ACL, CORS, SSL and IP restriction. We also have strong encryption at the database level protecting sensitive information. We support logging and alerting at various level ensuring highest level of proactiveness. We can mask or encrypt specific data sets or data points, providing you unparallel privacy.

Security and Privacy


High Performance, Highly Scalable, Globally available Data & API Cloud

We run on some of the best cloud infrastructure in the world. Redundancy, scalability and availability is built into all of PropMix layers. Always up with 99.9% uptime, designed for stability and scaling. We maintain redundancy infrastructure to prevent single points of failure. Additionally, we provide SLAs for large businesses. With the most advanced globally distributed network we can achieve faster responses by leveraging compression, shorter roundtrips while caching near the end user.


End-End Compliance for any RE Data

We maintain the highest level of compliance with federal and state consumer privacy laws. We follow some of industries best compliance practices and guidelines. We use various governance & compliance management tools to give you a peace of mind. We have process and tools set to identify any weak links in data handling practices, ensuring the highest level of compliance to various laws.

Open Source


Reliability, community, Security, openness

The Open Source model harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency to create high-quality, secure and easily integrated software. We use industry’s best known Open Source technologies and tools. The technologies and tools we use are backed by some of the best run open source projects. We have built on top of reliable technologies like Linux, MySQL, Mongo, NGINX, Apache Cassandra etc., and provides you various open source protocols to access the system


PropMix Offering enables you to Present or Visualize your RE and related data in many different formats and presentations. The data can be originated from PropMix or it can be uploaded to PropMix to create these presentations. You can get richer presentations via pre-computed JSON’s which can be consumed via our API’s, or, call our pre-generated visualization in SVG, PNG format and integrate using iFRAME/URL.

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