MLS Data Solutions

Connect to any MLS over RETS or FTP

RESO Standardized data from all MLSs

High Quality and Consistent data across any MLS

Near Real Time or File Delivery

Images via CDN – Resizable and Automatically Labeled


Why Us?

Leadership in Real Estate Data

  • Developers of the RESO standards certification engine
  • Pioneers in Property Record Keeping via the Longitudinal Property Record ™
  • Applying Blockchain for Real Estate Transactions and Data Lineage tracking

Data Quality Tracking & Improvement

  • Deep Profiling and Tracking of field value shifts
  • Use of heuristics to infer field values and improve data consistency

AI techniques for better data

  • Property History and Machine Learning to ensure data continuity
  • Natural Language Processing can extract and enrich your listing data
  • Use Image Recognition to capture property characteristics missed in the listing