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Why Us?

Real Estate IQ: We are not just a bunch of techies!!!

  • Core team that has been working together for over 15 years in real estate technology.
  • Deep knowledge of the real estate business – data, processes, transactions, complexities, and nuances.
  • First hand knowledge in medium scale real estate transactions – residential, commercial, and land development.

Technology Depth: Well, we are also a bunch of techies!!

  • 3 decades of experience in Artificial Intelligence – long before it was called “AI”
  • Hardcore data analysts and full stack developers – you name the technology
  • Solid mix of PhDs, MBAs, and Computer Scientists

Innovation & Scale: Website to a Large Scale B2B or B2C platform

  • Innovation Lab: helps startups and enterprises disrupt their markets – Augmented/Virtual/Mixed, Chatbots, Computer Vision, and more.
  • Part of an incubator with over 240 team members – Innovation Incubator
  • Deep experience in robust mission critical systems at scale