Match & Append

Expand your data coverage by augmenting with the PropMix data cloud

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Key Features:

  • Package your data to be delivered independently or alongside other data available on PropMix.
  • Track your client’s subscriptions, usage, and billing using PropMix dashboards.
  • Deliver your data using APIs that we develop on PropMix or we can wrap your existing APIs.

How it Works?

PropMix is fundamentally a delivery platform with subscription, usage tracking, and billing capabilities. Our API engine is secure (FIPS compliant) and scalable to any traffic needs – growth or burst usage. The API engine is designed to ensure Intellectual Property protection for every data provider participating in our API marketplace. Your data can remain within your firewalls and PropMix’s engines can access it via protocols and ports that you open up.

Our data security models include strong authentication, element level data authorization, and perimeter security features such as – data leakage prevention and denial of service defenses.

One such data partnership is our strategic relationship with Software Incubator, a 15-year industry veteran in data curation and delivery for the Real Estate industry. PropMix serves as the data delivery partner for SI’s RE Data Cloud with over million records delivered daily.


  • Monetize your data by reaching out to a wide target audience accessing PropMix.
  • Reduce your costs of delivering, usage tracking, and billing.
  • Our API specialists can get your data to market rapidly reducing your time to market.

Check out our platform capabilities here: What’s behind PropMix

RE CogFab

Model-as-a-service: Leverage our underlying Artificial Intelligence compute fabric to run your analytical models

Key Features:

  • Real Estate Cognitive Fabric ™ is a set of software libraries and infrastructure that implements AI methods specifically for the Real Estate industry. Cognitive Fabric is a service of CogNub, our strategic partner for AI technology delivery.
  • The core components of the fabric include – Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Big Data Mining, Interactive Natural Language Dialog, Knowledge Graphs, and Immersive Experience.
  • Every component is available as an API to help you build complex cognitive models and run them on our fabric.

How it Works?

The foundation components of the Cognitive Fabric are based on open-source technologies such as Tesseract, AIML, Stanford NLP, neo4j, Hadoop, Flume, Spark, Kafka, R Programming Language, and Solr. PropMix has developed a layer of Real Estate specific cognitive models on top of the Cognitive Fabric from CogNub.

These models help extract and deliver RE industry insights. Examples:

  • Property Similarity Scoring to find similar properties for various purposes – CMAs, BPOs, and Appraisals
  • Price Trend calculations based on our unique average home models
  • Price prediction models utilizing trending economic data, local census and employment, and news


  • Eliminate the data transports – run your analytical or AI models on an existing fabric close to the data.
  • Go to market with any of your models within a few weeks instead of standing up your own infrastructure.

Please contact us for more information on our RE Cognitive Computing services.